5 Tips to Choose the Best Cat Food



As a pet or an ESA owner, you want to keep your animal in its best health for as long as it is possible. To make sure that your cat is in good shape, you have to take certain measures. The foremost is to ensure it has a warm and cozy place, and it has a diet full of nutrients. There are some housing facilities that do not allow pets in the building. But we have a solution for that. If you are an ESA owner, then all you need is a valid ESA letter that you can confirm by going through an ESA letter sample online. This will help you live with your cat without going through any hassle.

Now moving on to the diet part, along with ensuring the living arrangements, you also have to take care of your cat’s food. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best cat food for your cuddly, four-legged friend.


Look at the Nutrients

According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), if a cat food claims to contain a single ingredient, then there should be 95% of that ingredient present in the food excluding the water content in it.

For example, if the food contains beef, then there should be 95% of beef present. Similarly, if it has a combination of turkey and chicken, then the food must contain 95% of the them combined.


Check the Proteins

Look closely at the ingredients list on the box. The ingredients are listed according to the weight. Proteins are usually on the top because of the moisture in it. After the main protein, there are some more nutrients listed. They might contain less moisture but have a lot of nutrient value. If it is dry pet food, then the moisture is already removed from the ingredients.

It is important that the cat foods should have animal proteins and fats in them. Cats require nutrients in their food like taurine and arachidonic acid. That is the reason it is necessary that the food should contain an animal protein because they are only found in animals. The proteins can include chicken, poultry, beef, turkey, etc.



Emotional support cat food also contains a portion of grains. Grains are a great source of carbohydrates. They are used in different cat foods are also easily digested by cats. However, some experts believe that cat food containing a huge amount of protein and less amount of carbohydrates is better for cats. But this is still controversial with a very little amount of evidence.


Canned or Dry – Which One is Better?

This is another controversy that does not have enough evidence for the audience to decide easily between the two. Some experts believe that canned food is better than dry food. The reason is that canned food contains a huge amount of moisture that is required to keep your animal hydrated.

Usually, cats do not drink a lot of water. It is important to keep them hydrated. In this case, canned food is preferable.


Look for a Better Cat Food Brand

Along with the nutrients in the food, considering the manufacturing process is also important in order to make sure that you get quality food for your pet. Seeking this information is not easy as it is not available on the packaging. But you can contact the company by calling them. If the company provides quality products, they will be happy to assist you.Always remember one thing that you need an emotional support animal letter to live peacefully with your esa.

These were some very basic tips that can help you look for better cat food. You want the best for your pet, don’t you?